Computer applications and mobile phone applications

CERB records all employee data, including screenshots, typing, application’S, web pages, e-mail and chat activity, file and document usage, and many more. You can create detailed reports to summarize and analyze what is happening on your network. CERB can also show you what everyone is doing on your network in real time with just one click of the mouse through a visual overview of your network and assets in real time. The CERB program is applicable to companies to rate your staff’s performance, and also be aware someone is stealing your corporate files in digital form. It must be based on legislation that your staff knows about the program and agree‘s with it.


CERB PERSONAL allows you to control, restrict, and access and use of your own computer from anywhere. You can control how long and how users are allowed to use your computer, prevent specific applications, block access to certain websites, restrict access to Windows features, and more. In addition to the access control, the program can also record all activities, including typing, web pages history, running applications, discussions, screenshots, and more. All recorded activities are visible in real time from anywhere via the online cloud.


More and more cases of intimidation and exploitation of minors come to Justice often with bad ending for minors and their parents. Despite the superhuman attempts of persecuting electronic crime several times it is not possible to intervene because they are not informed in time by the parents. The CERB CHILDREN program is a software with which the parent or guardian is updated on child’s online traffic information. In this way you will be aware if something suspicious is takes place so you can inform the authorities, to act immediately.

Recover Deleted Files

Our office Can recover deleted files with special state-of-the-art recovery programs. The recovery process is done after the client has entered into a written agreement or client authorization and always according with the Greek law.

The services we offer are:

Recover Deleted Files from Mobile Phones (STANDARD-DEEP-ULTRA SCAN)
Retrieve deleted files from tablets.
Recover deleted files from storage media (USB, MICRO SD, SD, HDD, SSD).
Recover files from audio recorders.
Recover data from a portable computer.
Data Recovery from Damaged Disks (HDD, SSD)

Special Tasks

Disk Encryption for companies and the protection of personal data and clientele.

Password Recovery if you have lost or forgotten your password on your computer. Written agreement or client authorization is required.



Private investigations?

Private Investigation Offices in accordance with Law 3206/2003 Government Gazette 298 / Α / 23-12-2003 are prohibited from using the titles: detective, private detective, Detective Athens etc.


Contact us about private investigations on Greece.