Evidence on trials

Our long experience in civil and criminal investigations leads us to always carry them with the utmost care, sensitivity and always by the law.

Many of our researchers have many years of experience. To enhance this knowledge, they keep training and always get the latest updates in technological and legal matters. They handle all cases with sensitivity and professionalism

During the investigation you get frequent updates about all findings

We understand how important to you all the findings of your case are.

You can be sure that we make investigation on your behalf, with the maximum efficiency and discretion

Our services include:

Surveillance and monitoring
Tracing hidden evidence
Locating witnesses for criminal cases
Creating back round reports
Locating people
Depositions in trials
Technical advisors
Legal advice

You will be updated during the investigation. We understand how important the information for your case is and how sensitive are these investigations. You can also be sure that we will investigate on your behalf with the most efficiency and discretion.)



Private investigations?

Private Investigation Offices in accordance with Law 3206/2003 Government Gazette 298 / Α / 23-12-2003 are prohibited from using the titles: detective, private detective, Detective Athens etc.


Contact us about private investigations on Greece.