Industrial Counter – Espionage

Industrial Espionage is a form of secret information collection, carried out by individual personalities or by groups. It is against the law and the compensation payment is obligatory by those who committed espionage Espionage is a recent creation and it’s purpose is), at monitoring rival industries. More specifically, it is a violation of an absolute right of ownership, as espionage is done to the detriment of the firm/industry or industry in order to steal or copy its original designs. Specialized leased agents monitor the activities of related industries and collect data on production methods, manufacturing of new types of products, etc. The degree of development is so great that one could say that it is comparable to military spying worldwide.

Our office has dedicated private investigators and analysts specializing in industrial counter-intelligence. So if you have an indication that you are the victim of industrial espionage, you can only call us to investigate the physical and technical security gaps that have facilitated the leak of your corporate information to opponents.

In the field of industrial counter-intelligence, we work and cooperate globally with success, confidentiality, efficiency.

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